Produk konsumen KARA

KARA consumer products

All parts of a coconut tree can be processed; the leaf, the roots, and the coconut fruit itself are all useful. During the processing procedure, the coconuts are manually sorted and prepared according to the quality standards. The coconut skin paring process is also done manually. The coconut water is processed hygienically. Coconut cream is extracted from the coconut flesh, and from it coconut cream and coconut cream powder are derived. The residue is turned into desiccated coconut.

KARA trading products

Besides consumer products, KARA also provides some of the products in bulk, such as Coconut Oil (CNO, RBD, CFAD & VCO), Coconut Water, Copra Expeller Pellet, Desiccated Coconut. Sales of bulk products are available, used and resell for Indonesia’s market, but also open to opportunities for cooperation in the supply of products outside Indonesia.