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About KARA

KARA has been the pride of the nation due to its reputation as the best aseptic packaged coconut cream and the fact that it has been exporting coconut-based products to more than 80 countries.

KARA has been contributing to the lives of Indonesia’s coconut farmers because more than 90% of its daily coconut supplies come from the local farmers. This has been giving a direct impact to the welfare of Indonesian coconut farmers.

One of KARA’s values is to always strive to contribute more to the social and economic betterment of our smallholder farmers by contributing, among many others, to public infrastructures, facilitating the farmers in their religious activities, and providing better education for the farmers’ children.

That is why by consuming KARA products, you are contributing to the betterment of your health as well as to the prosperity of our coconut farmers.

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Throughout many years, KARA has been collaborating with Indonesian coconut farmers to produce high quality coconut-based products.

Coconut has been a part of Indonesian culture and the country’s culinary. The crop itself can be easily grown in equator area – the facts that Indonesia is a country that is passed by the equator line and known as the second country with the longest beach line in the world has been helping Indonesia to become one of the biggest coconut producers in the world1. The demand for coconut products is increasing every day and to meet the needs, the involvement of smallholder coconut farmers surely cannot be separated from its production process.

Every single coconut goes through quite a lengthy process – from the trees all the way to the consumers. The coconuts are being harvested by using traditional means by owners of the groves who are the smallholder farmers. Once the coconuts are harvested, each farmer would transfer their harvest to the collection points where it would then be transported to the processing facilities by using wooden boats and shipped to Sambu Group’s processing facilities in Riau. Upon the arrival at the factory, each coconut is going through a hygienic and integrated processing to produce high quality coconut-based products.


Each coconut is traditionally harvested by farmers, sent by small wooden vessels to a coconut processing facility in Riau for careful processing to reach your hands.

Fun Facts


Q. Where does KARA brand comes from?

KARA is a local Indonesian brand owned by Sambu Group. KARA has been collaborating with local coconut farmers and using Indonesian coconut as the basic ingredients in creating various processed coconut products. That is why, by purchasing KARA products, you can contribute to the betterment of Indonesian local coconut farmers!

Q. Where does KARA get its coconut supply

More than 90% of KARA’s coconut supply feed comes from Indonesia’s coconut farmers, while Sambu Group’s coconut plantation as the owner of KARA brand covers only less than 10% of the coconut supply needs.

Q. How did KARA’s innovation journey begin?

KARA is the pioneer of aseptic-packaged coconut cream. KARA also produces Nata de Coco which is produced from the fermentation of coconut cream. Bakery, dessert, and beverage products of KARA that is distributed through KARA Island are our latest products. KARA will continue to innovate and develop coconut based products to meet the market’s trend by focusing on environmental and social sustainability.