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A true Coconut experience

Nowadays, choosing a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating options, especially plant based diets, seems to be a growing trend. Lying along the equator, Indonesia has a diversity of plants that can be processed and used for beneficial health applications such as the coconut tree. The coconut tree is known as the tree of life.

Indonesia as one of the biggest coconut producer in the world has a local brand, KARA, that is experienced in fulfilling people’s need of coconut healthy products.

KARA Island, which was designed to sound like a name of an island, is a KARA brand outlet that sells healthy coconut-based products. Some of the products that can be found in KARA Island are drinks, dessert, and bakery products. This outlet has successfully attracted many visitors since it was first opened at Gandaria City Mall level 2. KARA, the brand that is famous for its coconut cream products, is now developing into a brand that sells various high quality and healthy products.

KARA Island is present not only as a coconut products distribution point, but also as a communication media for KARA as a brand that is currently developing various coconut products other than the coconut cream products. KARA Island is expected to be the solution for consumers’ healthy lifestyle through the production of healthy and tasty coconut-based food and beverage products.

KARA lovers

KARA has now been deeply embedded in the hearts of Indonesian people and here are some testimonials about how KARA has become part of their lives.

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