Known to have many natural ingredients for the body without side effect, Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) immediately transformed into a new popular commodity in the world of health and beauty. So, it is not surprising that many countries began to participate in large scale production of this type of oil to meet the needs and desires of the market. What are the uses of VCO that are often said to be "magical" so that many people are looking for? Let’s check the information in this article.

More about VCO

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a new and popular commodity in the world of health and beauty due to its bioactive compound composition that is beneficial for human health. Several countries have been developing and participating in VCO production to meet the consumers’ growing needs of VCO. What are the usage of the “magical” VCO that attracts the market? Here are the answers.

The popularity of VCO, a type of processed coconut oil, has been increasing for it can treat several diseases and give many health benefits for our body. VCO can treat HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis due to its antiviral properties. VCO also works against obesity, skin diseases, cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Basically, the process of VCO making is slightly different from palm oil or other vegetable oil. The difference lies in the VCO extraction method that is processed with cold pressed techniques without involving the presence of heat. Through this process, the best variant of coconut oil is produced.

VCO contains zero percent trans fat and it is rich in lauric acid. Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) that can be easily converted into energy bu the liver, so that this kind of fatty acid will not stored as fat in our body. Therefore, as functional food, VCO is often consumed to maintain the ideal body weight. Lauric acid can also prevent cardiovascular diseases such as artheriosclerosis, stroke, and heart diseases.

If consumed regularly, VCO can show positive and significant effect for our body. However, the amount of VCO intake must be considered in order to get the maximum result. Generally, the consumption of coconut-based products, especially VCO, will deliver positive effects for our body. VCO can be consumed as food supplement. Experts says that adults ought to consume 3,5 tablespoon (± 50 g) VCO daily, or 1 gr/kg VCO for disease treatment.

Those are the reasons why VCO attracts consumers and global market. Other than all the health benefits, it is important to highlight that VCO acts as a natural supplement that involves no preservatives and additives.